Why Us


Most Financial Advisors are middlemen. They entrust your money to outside mutual funds, third-party managed money accounts, and ETFs without in-depth knowledge of the underlying holdings. You end up paying a fee to the advisor and the end money manager, without access to the money manager!


Invest directly with an Advisor doing the research! We are asset managers, not asset allocators. FCP follows a rigorous, proprietary investment process, providing clients with expert advice on individual securities. Most other investment advisors are merely relationship builders and asset gatherers who outsource their investment portfolios to outside fund managers. Most advisors cannot provide in-depth proprietary research and expertise on your investments. FCP does the hard work.

If you are interested in having experts managing your hard-earned wealth, please contact us to set up a meeting.

Mission Statement

FCP navigates bubble and bust cycles in financial markets by adhering to timeless fundamental investment principles. We invest directly in stocks, bonds, futures, and options, offering two major advantages to our clients. First, direct investing allows FCP to construct portfolios based solely on its proven investment metrics, keeping risk levels consistently in the client’s favor. Second, direct investing removes layers of fees, as FCP conducts all its research in-house and avoids outside managers. Our mission is to show the world and share the benefits of how well a disciplined, fundamental investment process can work.

If you are interested in a disciplined, proven framework for your hard-earned wealth, please contact us to set up a meeting.


Family Office

We started with family money and a focus on long-term wealth accumulation without the pressures typical to money managers in big banks: short-term performance, commission gathering, year-end bonus evaluations, and job security.

Focus On Downside

We have no incentives to take on unnecessary risks to increase short-term performance. Frank Capital Partners LLC believes that in investing, if you minimize the risk of a permanent impairment, spectacular returns will result.

Four Generations Of Family Money

Our money is invested along-side of yours whether it is our oldest family generation growing capital for charity or next of kin, or the youngest generation saving for college.

If you require your Investment Advisor to have skin-in-the-game, please contact us to set up a meeting.

Employee-Owned Independence


This eliminates conflicts of interest and allows us to focus on long-term capital appreciation. For advisors with little to no ownership stake in the company they work for, conflicts may arise such as forced selling of the firm’s product list.


We are a stand-alone fund company without the bureaucracy or conflicts of interest of a big bank or large asset manager. This allows us to execute our strategy regardless of the market environment. Independence means we can invest your account opportunistically.

If you want your money-manager to be nimble and avoid conflicts of interest,  please contact us to set up a meeting.