May 2021 – Horror Movie Stock

Finance, Retirement, US Equities

Fans of classic horror movies love and expect the typical cliches like victims attempting to escape in a car that won’t start or a group of clueless teenagers taking refuge in an ominous looking haunted house. As viewers, we can’t help but groaning aloud “No! Don’t go in there!”...

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March 2021 – Value Pays Cash

For several years now, growth stocks, led by the largest technology companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, have outperformed their slower-growing value counterparts. Fundamentally, the rapid growth in revenue and cash flows at the tech giants justified their outsized moves. Value companies struggled to grow, and their valuation-discounts...

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February 2021 – The Interest Rate Arsonist

Finance, Real Estate

In 2020, 30-year mortgage rates declined from 3.45% to 2.67%. This means for a $500,000 house, 20% down-payment, and 30-year fixed mortgage, the monthly payment declined from $2068 to $1899. To think about this another way, someone borrowing at 2.67% could spend $550,000 and end up with the same...

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